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Cleaning station

We belong to the Polish Association of Tank Cleaning (PSMC), which allows us to participate in the European organizations structure EFTCO ( European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organization ) in scope of washing and cleaning tanks and through  implementing European standards to our work standards we improve the quality of services, safety and environmental protection .

Tank cleaning technology we use consist on applying a water under high pressure on the inner surfaces of the tank or container. To facilitate and accelerate the process of cleaning and disinfection tanks, we use industrial chemical . In order to increase the effectiveness of the cleaning process, it is possible apply detergents in higher temperature or use superheated steam.

The scope of work tank wash:

external and internal cleaning of food tanks, chemical and fuel
evaporation and degassing gas tanks,
cleaning silos,
steam drying,
disinfection and neutralization with steam,
nitrogen purging, CO ₂ purging, vacuum test, pressure test and measurement of oxygen.

*** We issue certificates ECD ( Eurpean Cleaning Documents ) ***

For our customers, we provide parking space open round the clock, and social rooms with toilet, shower, tea/coffee, satellite TV and Wi-Fi internet.

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